Ultimate Asphalt Roller

Introducing the Ultimate Asphalt Hand Roller

Blacktop Roller

Deliver top quality blacktop rolling every time!


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Alphault Roller In-Use

Designed for the contractor. Heavy duty design withstands the demands of asphalt rolling, resurfacing and repair. Compact 24" width is especially great for tight spots, patching or small jobs where larger rollers just aren't practical. Up to 100 pounds of additional weight can be added. Handmade in the USA.

NEW! For work adjacent to curbs, walls or other objects, see our new Wall Hugger model.


Designed for contractors working with blacktop (as well as seeding jobs, natural and synthetic turf installation, pavers and stone work).

The Ultimate Asphalt Roller's heavy duty drum is made of 14 inch diameter, schedule 40 pipe, with a 3/8" wall thickness. It is not made like many other rollers, of sheet steel that is rolled and welded, often have flat spots.